Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Awaiting for stronger signals....

Market reacted according to Scenario 1 (ECB dictates first...., 5 Sep13) with a low of 1.3104 before the rebound to high of 1.3281 so far. This has completed the wave I expected and anything from here could be a grind and with lesser certainty until the next lead.

CFTC COT report: Speculator's accounts as of 3 Sep 13
EUR    +40,081 vs  +22,738
JPY      -78,353 vs   -79,761
AUD   -71,117  vs   -71,501

Europe order book:
Stop loss: 1.3215, 1.3225, 1.3295 and 1.3310/20
Limit: 1.3100 and 1.3150/60

Primary trend: Bullish
Intermediate trend: Bearish
Minor trend: Mildly bullish

Technically, shorter intraday indicator is slipping into o/s but longer ones are still in o/b zone. Shorter intraday momentum is suggesting consolidation but longer ones are still pointing higher. Expect E$ to test the 1.3200/20 area before rebounding for 1.3300/20 again. Thereafter, I will step aside and watch to sell if it gets to 1.3350/70.

E$ 2hourly chart - 50% fibo achieved, watching 61.8%.... 

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